Buddy was in and out of foster homes.  An incredibly sensitive boy he began to steal and hoard items.  He would be destructive from time to time.  We found a family in the UK who were very experienced Pointer owners and they fell in love with Buddy.  He's been with them since October and he's a much calmer boy now.

Prim is 3 years old and came to us in early October 2017 as one of the thinnest dogs I've actually had to deal with.  Of course it was no-one fault, it never is, and according to her 'owner' she'd been ill for 3 days and lost all the weight over that time.  She could barely stand and was on a drip for 4 days but the vets say nothing medical was the matter she'd simply been starved.

Benedita had spent many years at the shelter when it was love at first sight with Teresa from Canada.  Once all her health requirements were met she headed off to Toronto as our first Transatlantic dog.  She now has an extensive warm wardrobe to cope with Canadian winters and spends her days being spoilt and visiting doggy spas!

This is Prim today, 30th Dec 2017 and as you can see she is a totally different dog.  She is one of the most perfect dogs you could ever come across and we cannot believe how people could have treated her so badly.  Prim is going to the UK in January to be with her new family and I have to say although she is a lucky girl they are extremely lucky to be getting her.  She is without doubt the easiest and most gentle dog I've ever fostered.  We know she is going to have a very happy life.  Good luck Prim, you deserve it