With neutering, vaccinations, passport and transport it cost us around £300 to get a dog to the UK and Canada.  We rely solely on donations to do this.  We don't demand a fee if you decide to take on one of our lovely dogs but we do ask you pay for the transport -which is around £250.


sienna 2.jpg


Sienna is a very striking dog who hasn't been with us long.  She seems friendly with people and other dogs but hasn't been in foster so we don't know if she's house trained.  She a medium sized dog with unusual colouring and eyes, a real eye catcher.  She's walking nicely on the lead.  She's under 2 years old we think and will be neutered.  Not child or cat tested but we can arrange this.


This little girl was abandoned with her 3 pups.  One of them has a home and now we're looking for a home for mum and the other two.  They will go quickly so if you are interested let us know asap.  She's been in foster and is very sweet and a little shy but making good progress.  She's not very old and in good health.  She will be spayed once the pups are fully weaned.


I think almost every month for the past year I've promoted Nina on here.  Sweet, shy Nina.  Young playful and ignored by every potential adopter that comes to the shelter because new people worry her.  We see a very different side to her, fun loving and so playful with the other dogs.  I walked her in Old Obidos town the other day.  Luckily it wasn't busy and she was absolutely fine - although the church bells freaked her out a bit.  She isn't exposed to crowds and traffic as we simply don't have the time but I'm sure it wouldn't take her long to adapt.  She does need a quieter home without children but could be left for a few hours in a safe space.  I keep telling Nina 2019 is going to be her year, can you make it happen?


Like hens teeth in UK shelters at the moment, small well socialised young puppies.  We have two available from this litter.  In foster so used to a home environment and well handled.  They will probably be large Yorkie sized as mum is quite small.  No able to travel until 12 weeks and they are about 6-7 weeks now, so be quick!

Special Cases - Cozzie


Cozzie had been hit by a car when he was found.  There was significant damage to his front leg and for a time we thought he'd lose it.  However the vets did a good job and saved the leg although he's left with a permanent limp.  This doesn't slow Cozzie down much!  He shares a pen with males and females and just loves attention from people.  Of course due to the limp most people simply walk past him, which is a shame as he has so much too offer.  Still a young boy - under 2 and neutered he just needs to find a home of his own.  He's a really eyecatching dog and a quick learning.  We can test him with children and cats.